Pastor Elisa Veal Booking Form

Thank you for your interest in booking Pastor Elisa Veal for your ministry event. Please take a moment to fill out our Booking Request Form. Upon receipt of this form, we will consult our ministry calendar, pray over your request, and contact you. We are blessed that you have considered Pastor Elisa VealĀ for your ministry event.

Elisa Booking Form

  • Basic Information

  • Meeting Information

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  • Literature, Audio & Video Information

  • Transportation (For out of state travel or travel up to 50+ miles)

    Pastor Veal requires the host ministry to provide transportation (Airfare) and lodging. (Please contact the ministry for further discussion).

    Lodging Information (Required for out of state travel or travel up to 50+ miles)

  • Pastor Veal prefers a non-smoking room with a king sized bed.
  • Method of Transportation

    If the ministry event is near us, we will take care of the cost of Pastor Veal's ground transportation.

    Air (Please no connecting flights)

  • Departure for Midway Airport preferred.
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  • Car Rental

  • Gas expenses should be considered.
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  • Honorarium

    There is no price that can be put on ministry, but we do require a proposed honorarium amount. We only ask that you be honorable in your giving.
  • Pastor Veal's needs during ministry at your church or event:

    The following items are requested during ministry at your church or ministry. 1. Bottled water (Room Temperature) during ministry 2. Anointed oil 3. Cold bottled water after ministry 4. Wireless microphone is preferred (if available)