Praise the Lord! We thank God for you for visiting the official website of Enduring Faith Christian Center. We welcome you with the love of Jesus Christ. Take a look around! Hope that you will visit our church as the Lord leads.

Founding Scripture: Matthew 24:13 – But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Who we are

We are a nondenominational, apostolic, prophetic ministry that adheres to the unadulterated, uncompromised word of God. We are a ministry that moves strongly in the prophetic. We are a deliverance ministry. The Bible is our final authority. Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of our faith. Our desire is to thrust people into the calling that God has upon their lives. We are not religious traditions, but by the Spirit of God. We truly love God’s people and maintain a reputation for healing the wounded, not killing them.

What we believe

1. Water Baptism in the name of Jesus
2. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father (He is Lord)
3. There is only one God
4. The Holy Trinity
5. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
6. Speaking in tongues
7. Speaking the truth in love
8. Loving our enemies
9. Evangelism
10. The gifts of the Spirit
11. The five-fold ministry
12. Restoration and forgiveness of the fallen
13. Repentance
14. Prayer and fasting
15. Fellowship
16. Covenant relationships
17. Restoration of the apostolic office
18. We believe that Jesus Christ shed His precious blood and died for our sins (Romans 10:9-10)
19. Jesus is God
20. Deliverance
21. Apostolic Government
22. The Prophetic