Pastor Elisa Veal

Elisa-Black-1Pastor Elisa Veal is the epitome of a virtuous woman. She has a heart for the things of our Lord Jesus Christ. Minister Veal is an awesome teacher of God’s word. She speaks French, plays the piano and is an accomplished harpist. She has traveled abroad, sharing her musical talents with the world.

She is the mother of three beautiful girls. In 1998, when her husband of nearly two years decided to rededicate his life back to the Lord, she was at her wit’s end. But the prayers of her husband and his faith in God caused her to change.

She witnessed the change in John and it began to change her. Later that year, Elisa received Jesus as her Saviour and began an exciting, life changing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. God delivered and saved her. Today she is happy and thankful that Jesus saved her from a life of despair. Pastor Elisa went to Illinois State University, majoring in music.

She also studied abroad at the University of Grenoble in Grenoble, France. Minister Veal’s greatest desire is to serve God and to let her words, actions and deeds reflect our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

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