Our Team

Elizabeth Davies (Church Mother)

Elizabeth Davies
Church Mother

Darrell Yarber (Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Ministry)

Darrell Yarber
Prophetic Team Leader
Intercessory Prayer Team Leader

Michelle Sharp (Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Ministry)

Michelle Sharp
Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Prophetic Team


Kimberly Stewart
Praise & Worship

Kevin Cooper (Ministry of Helps)

Kevin Cooper
Ministry Of Helps

Associate Pastor Edward Goodloe (Men's Ministry)

Edward Goodloe
Men’s Ministry
Media Ministry

Kathleen Wilson (Deliverance Ministry)

Kathleen Wilson
Deliverance Ministry
Prophetic Team

Annetta Bailey (Ministry of Helps)

Annetta Bailey
Deliverance Ministry

Anita Goodloe 3 (Administration)

Anita Goodloe
Children’s Ministry

Marie Tolliver (Outreach Ministry & Childrens Ministry)

Marie Tolliver
Children’s Ministry